Classic surf

Yes, it's possible

Сърфиране в Хавайски стил в Лимнос? Да, имаме го! Има няколко места на острова които предлагат добри условия за учение. По-точно – плажът Ред Рок, където нашите приятели от Beach roots се грижат за клиентите ни по истински сърфистки начин – със уроци и коктейли на местния бийч бар (моля, сърфирайте отговорно) 🙂

For first time surfers or those who’ve tried it a few times and are still trying to get the hang of it. Experience the rush of a lifetime with surf lessons taught by our instructor. Surfing was once a sport reserved for the Hawaiian Royalty, now it is a sport enjoyed by people all around the world. From first-timers to old-riders we’ve got the lesson for you.

We’ll start with a quick 10-minute land lesson at our surf school where you’ll get a proper introduction to the sport of surfing and learn everything you need to know before hitting the waves. Once in the water, instructors will help you to catch waves, get you to your feet and keep you safe and having fun throughout the entire lesson.