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We’ve been here, at this magical place, already a couple of years and we still don’t know what makes almost all of our visitors to keep the memory of it, deep in their hearts and come back over and over again. Rather the countless bays with gorgeous beaches mostly empty even in the high season? Whether all the taverns in the villages surrounding the spot? Whether may be the food they offer seemingly as everywhere in Greece but still tastier. Whether the hospitality of the locals still not corrupted by the mass tourism? Or the great conditions for water sports in the bay of Keros? Most probably is a consistency of all! The fact, there is a differentiated Limnos surf community, which makes the island not only a pleasant place for work and vacations but an interesting social environment.

We are absolutely sure that you will experience the magical spirit of Limnos!

General information

Lemnos (Greek: Λήμνος, Limnos) is an island of Greece in the northern part of the Aegean Sea. The principal town of the island and seat of the municipality is Myrina.It is the 8th-largest island of Greece. The nickname of the island “the wind-ridden one”. Lemnos is mostly flat (hence its more than 30 sand beaches), but the West, and especially the northwest part, is rough and mountainous. The highest point is Mount Skopia at the altitude of 430 m.


With a rich history and mythology and one of the oldest excavations in Europe, the island offers alternatives for those who don’t do sports or want to diversify their stay. The harbor town of Myrina, which is also the biggest, offers everything that you could imagine. The archeological excavations of Poliochni – the first organized city in Europe dating back to 5500 BC, the remains of the once largest city on Limnos – Ifestia and many more.


At the northwest side of the island is the protected sand dunes zone called “Gomati”. Situated high in the hills, the dunes area is 70 acres, carrying the visitor to a breathtaking view to one of a kind phenomenon in Europe.
At the east side of the island, close to the surf spot and Keros beach are situated the popular salt lakes Hartarolimni and Aliki. They are unique for Greece ecosystem as they are seasonal home to more than 4000 pink flamingos, which are the largest population of that species in Europe. An abundance of rare plants and other animals are found here. The lakes and the Keros Bay are important zones protected by NATURA 2000 network.
There are special watch towers from which you can observe the birds without entering their natural habitat.

Pink Flamingos

Gomati Sand Dunes

Flora of Keros

Protect limnos

Help us preserve the amazing nature, endangered wildlife and plants on Limnos and the protected NATURA 2000 zone around Keros bay. Thank YOU!



around Keros bay


keep them out in the wild


don’t scare the birds


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every drop counts

City of Myrina

The capital city of Limnos island. The impressive Castle of Myrina is a Byzantine fortification positioned on the highest point above the town. There are also a lot of shops, a hospital, bars and restaurants to explore.

Snorkeling & Thermal Springs

Limnos is perfect for underwater exploration too with crystal clear water, diving cliffs, caves.

If you wish to relax the island has thermal springs with a water temperature of around 39-43’C. Besides spa therapy, visitors can enjoy mud therapy with the famous “Lemnia Land”, therapeutic and relaxing massages as well as beauty treatments.


Situated in the North Aegean Sea the climate is around 2-4 degrees milder compared to the Southern part of Greece. During the spring and autumn, the evenings are colder. You’ll need a sweatshirt or a light jacket.