Stand up paddling is easy to learn and you don’t need any kind of course. All you have to do is go for it and have so much fun with your family and friends. Enjoy it while catching waves or having a relaxing time when the sea is quiet and inviting. Paddleboard (SUP) is also good for practicing your balance on a board.

One of the last in evolution in the water sports, Stand-up paddle-boarding its a sport that can be done from a complete family all together, specially in a place like Keros beach with all the flat water in a windless days and perfect conditions for snorkeling or just easy going paddling.
To be complete your kitesurfing or windsurfing vacation we offer you also SUP


BEGINNER LEVEL                   15€/per hour

(If you get kite/windsurf rental or lessons)

Safety first

Keros bay is one of the safest places for surfing. In case of emergency we have a rescue boat ready to help you. Also  vests are required for lessons.