The City of Myrina

On windless days is the perfect moment to go back to city nature. On Lemnos we are blessed to have the city of Myrina. There you can find all essential from what we like about cities: cocktail bars, restaurants, book stores, galleries, gelaterias, cafeterias and much more!

Explore on wheels

Discover Lemnos on two wheels! The island is perhaps one of the most flat islands in the North Aegean. This means that there are many routes that you can enjoy. We are good both on land and sea!

Motivate your children

At what age is it advisable to start windsurfing? We are all for getting children motivated for this awesome sport early on. They are fast learners and will be really motivated if you gauge their stamina limit right. Our instructors are best motivators! Book lesoons for your children with Georgi Ermenliev (Gee Ppi)


Limnos was born of volcanic eruptions deep within the Aegean Sea. According to mythology, Hephaestus, the god of fire and iron was the island’s first inhabitant. The first humans inhabited the island in the Mid Stone or Neolithic Age. During Athenian rule, the island was known under the name Dipolis. Today Limnos is famous with […]


Windsurfing is a sport for everyone! The reality shows that it has no age, anyone can practice it. Once you have learned this sport you will be able to practice it throughout your life. Siroko Wind Club is one of the best windsurfing spots in the North Aegean Sea. The smooth water, sensual vibes, and […]

Safety First !

No matter how peaceful the weather is the sudden change of the wind and strong currents can cause problems! Our station is equipped with a life rescue boats and we provide supervision from 9 am to 7 pm. We transform the beach into a destination for fun, leisure, and exciting.

The eternal question

If you are an adventure sports lover, then you must have come across the eternal debate that is common within the community. The debate has to do with finding out which water sport is better: windsurfing or Kitesurfing? For us both sports are exciting, beautiful and can exist together in harmony like ours Danny Kadeva […]

Wing Foiling for Kids

Get your kids into Wing Foiling! It is a relatively more safety compared to Kitesurfing. We feel that learning to wing is easier for young riders as it is less technical than kiting. The sport requires comfort in the water and stoke to learn something new. When you are learning to wing there is more […]

Time to Relax

After so many windy days, the wind dies down. Then we start to relax and to enjoy all other things we like. There’s nothing like digging into a favorite book that’s been on your reading list forever. Not much is better for your mind and body than spending an hour or two doing some sport. […]

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We are proud of our partnership with Early Riders Camp. Our goal is to bring kids closer to nature and watersports such as windsurfing. The last camp for the season got underway. Now is the perfect time to sign up your kids for Early Riders Camps 2023. For more information and reservations: